There are billions of stars in our Galaxy. We’ve curated a list of 5000 stars with some kind of significance such as popularity, part of a constellation, color, distance, location […]

Fatstronauts (FATTYS)

Launching: April 11th

The Defi Astronauts is a team of powerful investor, ace developers and top-tier artist which number one priority is creating a safe and evolutionary crypto space. FATTYS is a 5,000 piece exclusive NFT Collection.

VentiHeadz (80’s Edition)

Launching: April 7h

VentiHeadz (80’s Edition) This is the first-ever NFT collection created by VentiSwap. Each VentiHeadz (80’s Edition) will be a unique, one of a kind NFT and have utility that unlocks our entire suite of cross-chain platforms

Skelatama (SKELZ)

Launching: April 4th
Skeletama is a stealth launched ERC-20 token that will implement very simple yet effective tokenomics system that will support the growth of the chart and the project. As the number of Skeletamas grow, use cases that will benefit its holders will be released and realized leading up to the ultimate goal of having a community-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

What are the NFT’s?

NFT and Non Fungible Token words inside a black box with

NFTs solve the big problem of proving you own a digital asset, learn about how they are changing the game in the digital industry here