Adrenaline (ADRT)

Investments powered by Sandrock Capital and owned by, bring you publicly unavailable commercial trading bots-with auto ETH reflections direct to your wallet.
The automated asset trading bots make faster trading decisions w/ more available data, & no emotion.
Contract code: 0xbEd85cf4C249bd5Fc187Af600D652DD2bEEFDdeA

Executive Token (EXEC)

Executive Token, where every holder profits like a media executive. The use case for EXEC token is simple. EXEC pays 6% ETH reflections AND is a deflationary token that takes advantage of multiple streams of revenue. EXEC is powered by Defi News Agency Media Group. When articles and advertising are sold through any part of the Defi News Agency Media Group the staff makes 20% and the token makes 80% of the sales revenue.

Fatstronauts (FATTYS)

Launching: April 11th

The Defi Astronauts is a team of powerful investor, ace developers and top-tier artist which number one priority is creating a safe and evolutionary crypto space. FATTYS is a 5,000 piece exclusive NFT Collection.

Skelatama (SKELZ)

Launching: April 4th
Skeletama is a stealth launched ERC-20 token that will implement very simple yet effective tokenomics system that will support the growth of the chart and the project. As the number of Skeletamas grow, use cases that will benefit its holders will be released and realized leading up to the ultimate goal of having a community-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization.